scrap metal shear machine

Scope of application of  hydraulic scrap metal shear machine

The scrap metal shear machine is mainly suitable for cutting steel plates, copper plates, nickel-plated, and other metal plates. The scrap metal shear machines are driven by hydraulics. Compared with the mechanical transmission shears, they have the characteristics of small size, lightweight, low motion inertia, low noise, stable motion, flexible operation, and large shearing section. The scrap metal shear machine is controlled by hydraulic and electric integration, which can realize single and continuous action conversion, is simple and convenient to use, can stop and run at any working position, and is easy to realize overload protection. It can be used in a wide range of applications, not only as processing equipment for metal recycling and processing units but also as furnace charge processing in factory foundries and metal shearing processing equipment in mechanical construction industries.

Paint bucket crusher

Paint bucket crusher for the recycling industry

Paint bucket is one of the commonly used materials in various fields in our daily life. It covers a very wide area. It is not only used for commissioned building decoration but also widely used by major manufacturing companies. The production and molding of products and equipment in the manufacturing industry After that, it is often necessary to go through the painting process, and then the piles of waste paint buckets left after the equipment is completed have become a difficult problem in the subsequent processing of production, because the paint buckets will occupy a lot of space, and the smell is very unpleasant if not disposed of as soon as possible. Great harm to the human body.

baling the waste paper

How to quickly bale the waste paper?  

The automatic waste paper baler can bale an automatic bundling of waste paper, straw, and other loose materials with high output, low input, safety, and reliability. Automatic waste paper baler is mainly used in paper mills, printing enterprises, recycling enterprises, etc. Can bale: industrial waste, domestic waste, woven bags, cardboard, straw, rice straw, high-density polyethylene bottles, plastic film, etc. Complete function, wide application industry. Let us learn how to quickly baling the waste paper?

copper scraps

Are copper scraps worth recycling?

At present, the rising price of copper raw materials has raised the cost of precision parts processing, making both enterprises and the market suffer, in order to reduce costs, many enterprises focus on the recycling of copper scrap. How to recycle copper scrap, which occupies about one-third of the raw material volume? Is the recovery value high? Are copper scraps worth recycling?

recycled metal resources

What are recycled metal resources?

resources are limited, we can only infinite recycling for the limited earth resources to be able for sustainable development, some people say that garbage is a misplaced resource, but after the garbage recycling classification through other equipment processing, can be recycled by these resources into renewable resources.

metal baler machines

Why are metal baler machines popular?

n recent years, with the development of the metal recycling industry, metal baler machines have become more and more popular. What are the characteristics of metal balers? Why is it so popular?

plastic bottle baler

Plastic bottle baler used in the recycling field

Now we have entered the era of the circular economy. In many countries, the recycling of plastic bottles has been carried out by a very mature industry chain. By recycling plastic bottles, and then sorting, packaging, crushing, and other processing, plastic bottles can already be used for many products, on the road of plastic recycling, plastic packaging must be assisted by machines. How does the plastic bottle baler work?

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