Gantry shear | car body cutting machine

Gantry shear is also called heavy duty gantry shear, hydraulic wase steel cutting machine, car body cutting machine. It is suitable for cutting large and long metal, in order to facilitate secondary processing. It is widely used in scrap car dismantling plants, metal recycling plants, metal smelting and manufacturing industries, and metal trading industries.

Brief introduction of gantry shear

In the process of metal recovery and smelting, the longer metal is not conducive to be put into the furnace for recasting, and the hydraulic scrap iron cutter can quickly cut off these metals. Compared with gas cutting, flame-cutting, and other methods, this method uses cold cutting and does not need additional auxiliary equipment. It is a simple and time-saving and labor-saving method.

hydraulic gantry shear
hydraulic gantry shear

How does the gantry shear work?

Gantry shear is mainly composed of fuselage, feeding system, hydraulic system, electrical control system, etc. The shear force of the machine is from 50t to 1200t. The fuselage is welded with thickened steel plate and reinforced externally, which can bear strong shear force.

When working, the grab or other equipment will put the material into the feeding system, and the material will move forward with the conveyor belt. The hydraulic system starts to work and the cutter falls to cut off the material. The feeding speed of the conveyor can be adjusted infinitely. There are side pressure devices on both sides of the machine to fix the materials and speed up the cutting process.

Features of the car body cutting machine

1. The gantry shear adopts hydraulic transmission, which has the characteristics of small noise, stable operation, small inertia, and large shear surface, and it is easy to realize overload protection.

2. The size and length of the cutting block can be adjusted, and the adjustment method is convenient.

3. The electrical part adopts international famous brand, Schneider Electric, to guarantee the service life of the machine.

our customer's metal scrap factory-gantry shear
our customer’s metal scrap factory-gantry shear

The prospect of the waste metal recycling industry

Due to the continuous exploitation and utilization of mineral resources, the mine resources have become increasingly scarce. Therefore, the recovery and utilization of waste metal are one of the main ways to save mineral resources. China is a big steel producer, but the utilization rate of scrap is less than 20%. The average recovery level of steel scrap in the world is 48%. Then, there are still 52% unrecycled resources, which is a very serious waste of resources.

Gantry scissors
Gantry scissors

The metal recycling industry has a broad market prospect, not only can save resources but also has a huge profit and value space. With the development of the economy, many countries’ automobiles, home appliances, mining, and other equipment have nearly entered the retirement period. Take the recycling of end-of-life cars as an example. 82% of the materials in a car are metals, of which 90% can be recycled. The benefits are considerable. The emergence of metal baler machine, briquetting machine, gantry shear, crocodile shear, double-axis shredder and other professional equipment for metal recycling has brought great convenience to the metal recycling industry.

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