Aluminum can press machine

Which industry needs metal baler?

The metal baler is easy to move and install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. Users can customize packaging specifications and dimensions according to their own needs. Metal baler … Read more

metal recycling

Global metal recycling status analysis

How much do you know about metal recycling? What is metal recycling? Why recycle metals? How does the metal recycling process take place, and what technologies and equipment are needed? What is the current situation in the global metal recycling industry and what are the challenges they face? Let us take a closer look at metal recycling!

metal chip briquette block

Magnesium powder briquetting machine exported to Kenya

Metal chips briquette machine is the important equipment for metal recovery and processing. It can press all kinds of metal chips, such as cast iron powder, aluminum powder, steel powder, magnesium powder, etc. into a certain shape of column, which is convenient for transportation and saving storage space.

hydraulic metal baler

Selection Guide for Hydraulic Metal Baler

Selecting high-quality and high-efficiency hydraulic metal balers can speed up the recycling efficiency of scrap metal and create greater profits for users. When purchasing metal waste recycling equipment, users should not only pay attention to the metal baler machine price, but also pay attention to the overall performance of hydraulic metal balers and the after-sales service of metal recycling machine manufacturers.

alligator shear

Maintenance tips of hydraulic alligator shears

The Alligator Shear(hydraulic metal shearing machine) is a very widely used steel cutting equipment, especially in the field of scrap metal recycling. The application of this hydraulic metal shear can effectively improve the recycling efficiency of metal scraps and create higher economic benefits for the users.

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