Alligator shear | scrap steel cutting shear

Alligator shear, also called scrap steel cutting shear, is very suitable for cutting long metals. Compared with other cutting equipment, it has the characteristics of a lightweight, small footprint and high efficiency. Therefore, this machine is often used in rolling mills, metal recycling plants, scrap car dismantling plants, electrical recycling plants, etc. It is very suitable for cutting round steel, angle steel, rebar, wire, iron sheet, color steel tile, aluminum alloy, channel steel, copper plate, iron plate, scrap metal, etc. for subsequent processing.

How does the alligator shear work?

Alligator shears are mainly composed of shearing oil cylinder, shearing knife, pressing knife, pressing oil cylinder, hydraulic pump, control panel, safety device and so on. When the scrap steel cutting shear is working, the hydraulic pump provides power to the pressure knife, and the pressure knife is lowered to hold the material firmly. Then, the hydraulic oil pump fills the cutting cylinder with oil, and the cutter gradually descends to cut the material.

Features of the scrap steel cutting shear:

  1. Low cost. Compared with the gantry shear, the price is much lower. Large metal scraps are rarely found in general metal recycling plants. Conventional scraps can be cut with this machine.
  2. Small floor area. Due to its small footprint, this machine can be used in many places.
  3. High working efficiency. This machine can cut 8-12 times in one minute, and the work efficiency is very high.
  4. Adopting hydraulic transmission mode, it has the advantages of stable operation, low noise and high safety factor.
  5. Easy installation. This machine does not need to install sole screws, it is simple and flexible to operate, and the cutting surface can be adjusted at will.

Operating instructions for alligator shear:

1. The pressure range of this machine is 100 to 300 tons.

2. The cutter length is from 25-120 cm.

3. Both the machine shearing force and the blade length can be customized according to customer needs.

4. Regularly check the oil filter in the fuel tank and remove the foreign matter in time to prevent the oil pipe from being blocked and affect the working efficiency of the machine.

5. Check whether the screws on the machine are tight and running smoothly every other month.

6. When using the shear, pay attention to the safety of the surrounding personnel. When cutting short materials, use clamps instead of hands

scrap metal cutting machine
scrap metal cutting machine

Video: see the powerful shearing force of the alligator shear


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