Technical services

1. Before purchasing the machine, you can communicate with our sales consultants, they will solve the machine problems for you. If you need it, you can also contact our technical staff directly for a more professional answer.

2. After purchasing the machine, we will send you videos, pictures, files, etc. to guide your machine installation. If necessary, we can send technicians to your country to solve a series of problems such as installation and use.

3. Our company provides various services such as factory design, factory area calculation, factory drawing and so on.

4. Please feel free to send a message to us in 24hours.


Support customization

Most of the machines support customization to meet the different requirements of customers. Customization includes machine material, material thickness, machine mold size, voltage change, etc.

Pick up managing customer accommodation

Guest reception

If you want to test or visit our factory, we can provide special pick-up service, hotel customization service, catering service, etc., to give you extra peace of mind when you are in a foreign country.

Support all forms of logistics

Logistics and other

Depending on the size, the machine will be packed in containers or wooden boxes, providing various transportation methods.