As the focus on environmental sustainability and resource conservation continues to grow, so does the demand for the scrap metal compressor.

Shuliy metal compactor for sale plays a vital role in the efficient management and recycling of scrap metal, contributing to environmental protection and economic sustainability.

Metal compactor for sale
metal compactor for sale

Efficient scrap metal compression solutions

Our scrap metal baler is designed to efficiently compress various types of scrap metal, including steel, aluminum, copper and more.

By compressing scrap metal into dense, manageable bales or lumps, our machines help reduce storage space requirements and transportation costs, while also facilitating recycling.

Wide range of applications in scrap recycling

Our scrap metal compactor for sale is suitable for a variety of industries and applications, including metal recycling plants, manufacturing plants, scrap yards, demolition sites and more.

Whether you need to process large quantities of industrial scrap or manage smaller quantities of metal waste, our metal compactor machine offers versatile and reliable solutions.

Shuliy metal compactor for sale to the market

We offer a wide range of metal compactors, as well as customized solutions for specific needs.

Our machines are designed with care, featuring rugged construction, advanced hydraulics and user-friendly controls to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Equipment model Pressure(ton)Press bin size(mm)Bales size(cm)Press time(s) Power(kW)
scrap metal compactor models and parameters
Metal scrap baler machine
metal scrap baler machine

Refer to the machine parameters above and contact us if interested!

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