The plastic shredder machine is a device that can crush plastic. The shredder is convenient for recycling after crushing large pieces of plastic. The plastic shredder can shred plastic bottles, plastic pipes, home appliance shells, plastic buckets, etc. The machine can Control the size of the crushed plastic flakes.

Application of plastic shredder machine

Plastic shredders are also called twin-shaft shredders, which are mainly used to crush processed scraps or recycled products, especially to shred plastic or rubber scraps and use them as raw materials to melt and granulate them to remake plastic bottles. Tires or trash cans and more. Shredders are used in plastic recycling and reuse industries and are often used for crushing waste large-diameter PE plastic pipes, bundled plastic films, and large stacks of plastic sheets.

Plastic shredder model

modelBlade thickness (mm)Number of bladesPower (kW)

Working principle of plastic shredder

The plastic product enters the inside of the shredder box, passes through the cutter of the shredder, and undergoes the combined action of extrusion and shearing to form small pieces of material. After the shredder is completed, it is discharged from the bottom of the machine.

Shuliy company introduction

Plastic shredder machine delivery
plastic shredder machine delivery

Shuliy Company is a metal processing equipment company. Its main equipment includes metal balers, which can compress metals and pack them into a metal block; metal shears that can cut metal scraps into required sizes, and metal briquetting machines that can Press metal scraps into pieces; this metal plastic shredder is more versatile and can crush any material, just put the material into the machine, and the material will be crushed. Metal shredders are essential machines in the recycling industry.


What size shredders are there? How to distinguish?

Shredders are divided into 600 types, 800 types, 1000 types, 1200 types, 1500 types, 2000 types, etc. The models are distinguished according to the size of the cutter box and can be customized according to requirements.

What materials can the plastic shredder machine process?

The shredder can process materials such as metal, scrap iron, plastic, domestic garbage, waste clothes, rubber tires, etc. It belongs to multi-functional crushing equipment.

Is the plastic shredder machine noisy?

The plastic shredder has no noise, is relatively quiet equipment, and has no pollution.