A corrugated box shredding machine is a machine used to shred cartons, mainly used in the recycling industry, it can shred iron drums, tires, wooden pallets, branches, animal bones, etc. It is widely used and has a strong shredding ability.

Corrugated box recycling

A corrugated box is used for transportation and packaging. Cartons have a certain life span. After many times of use, cartons will be eliminated and enter the recycling system. Corrugated boxes can be reused after being crushed, or made into other paper products, such as making egg trays.

Corrugated box shredding machine

Corrugated box shredding machine
Corrugated box shredding machine

After being quickly shredded into small pieces by a corrugated box shredding machine, it is convenient for the later papermaking beating process. After adding chemical raw materials, new paper can be produced. Compared with new paper products, recycled paper causes less environmental pollution many.

Corrugated box shredding machine features:

Corrugated box shredder
corrugated box shredder
  1. Integral knife box
    It ensures high mechanical strength and machining accuracy, prolongs the service life of the equipment, and saves maintenance costs.
  2. Tool detachable technology
    Each fixed knife can be disassembled and installed and can be quickly disassembled in a short time, greatly reducing the workload of workers.
  3. Intelligent features
    Adopt GEP intelligent technology to realize automatic lubrication, intelligent detection, and abnormal alarm, and design an intelligent protection system for unbreakable objects, which reduces maintenance costs and failure risks, and ensures long-term healthy operation of equipment.
  4. The main shaft has good stability and strong impact capacity
    The main shaft is made of special material, which has been heat-treated and processed many times, so it has good mechanical strength, strong anti-aging and anti-impact ability, and long service life.
  5. Imported bearings and multiple combined seals
    High load resistance, long service life, dustproof, waterproof, and antifouling, which ensure the continuous and stable operation of the machine.
  6. PLC touchscreen control cabinet
    Adopt Siemens PLC touch screen control cabinet, equipped with advanced electrical components, good stability, and easy operation.

Corrugated box shredder parameters

Blade Disc diameter (mm)485
Blade thickness (mm)50
Number of blades20
Shaft diameter (mm)260
Dimensions (mm)4500×1900×2200
Hopper opening size (mm)1400×1200
Broken room size (mm)1200×1050
Box thickness (mm)50
Motor power (kW)Y-6 45kw×2
Speed (per minute/revolution)9-15
Distribution CabinetOverload automatic forward and reverse
corrugated box shredding machine
Corrugated box shredding machine
corrugated box shredding machine

Customer case of corrugated box shredding machine

Corrugated box shredding machines
corrugated box shredding machines

The customer bought a shredder to shred beef bones. The beef bones are very hard, and some bones are very large, so the general meat machinery cannot handle them. The customer saw the video of our shredder shredding iron drums, so Asked if we could process his beef bones, we have never processed bones before, but in theory, it is possible because our machines handle iron tools with ease.
We purchased beef bones for testing and found that the effect was very good. We took a video and sent it to the customer, who was also very satisfied. A customer ordered a one-day shredder for use in his beef processing plant.