The tyre baling machine uses a hydraulic system to compress the tires, saving storage space and transportation space. There are two types of tire baling machines, vertical baling machines, and horizontal baling machines, both of which can be used to pack tires. The output of the two is different. Tire balers have been widely used in the recycling industry.

Application of tyre baling machine

The waste tire baler is mainly used in the tire recycling industry. If the waste tire is not processed, it is easy to cause environmental pollution. After being processed by a baler, the tire can be compressed into a solid block, which reduces the volume and reduces the cost of transportation and treatment. , while reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

Tire storage: The baler can compress the tires into a smaller volume for easy storage, especially when the tire storage space is limited, the baler can maximize the use of space to achieve efficient storage of tires.

Tire Shipping: Packed tires are easier to ship and handle than uncompressed tires, reducing shipping and labor costs.

The structure of the tire baler

A tire packer is a piece of equipment used to compress tires into compact packages. The equipment is mainly composed of a frame, hydraulic system, control system, and compression chamber.

Parameters of horizontal tyre baling machine

Horizontal tyre baling machine

This horizontal baler has a relatively large output. There are four models in total. The horizontal baler can pack 6-8 bags per hour on average. The weight of each bag of tires is different for different models. Of course, the larger the model, the more tires per bag and the heavier the weight.

video of horizontal tyre baling machine
Pressure1000KN1600 KN1800 KN2000 KN
Main power22KW+1.5KW+4kw37KW+1.5KW+4kw45KW+3KW+5kw55KW+13KW+5.5kw
QTY of baling wires4/54/555
Size of balesW1150mm*
WireAnnealed wire 3mm(12#)or plastic wireAnnealed wire 3mm(12#)or plastic wireAnnealed wire 3mm(12#)or plastic wireAnnealed wire 3mm(12#)or plastic wire
Tie methodManual/automaticManual/automaticManual/automaticManual/automatic
Capacity6-8 bales/h6-8 bales/h6-8 bales/h6-8 bales/h
Weight of bale500-1000kg1000-1300kg1000-1300kg1000-1300kg
Conveyor size6530*1400*3200mm7113*1555*3360mm7800*1655*3360mm8200*1700*3360mm
Operation methodManual/PLCManual/PLCManual/PLCManual/PLC

Parameters of vertical tire baling machine

The vertical baler occupies a small area, and the compaction ratio is 5:1. There are five models of the vertical baler, which can pack 6-10 bales per hour on average. Different models have different weights for each bag of tires. Each package of the 80 model reaches 2000kg.

Vertical tire baling machine
Oil cylinder125160160160180
Baling speed

What other raw materials can the tire baler handle?

Tire balers are also commonly used for baling old clothes and shoes, sawdust baling, straw baling, and waste paper baling. The tyre baling machine has a wide range of uses.