The clothes baling machine is used to pack and compress loose materials such as old clothes, cotton, clothes, cotton threads, etc. The baler squeezes out the gaps in the clothes to reduce the area occupied by the clothes. Clothes balers are usually used to recycle used clothes and shoes, which can save 80% of the space after compression. Balers are popular machines in the environmental and recycling industries.

Two kinds of clothes packing machine

Vertical clothes baling machine

The vertical baler is a small clothes baler, which can put waste clothes into the hopper, and then the hydraulic baler can compress the clothes.

Vertical baler parameters

Vertical balers
Vertical balers
Oil cylinder125160160160180
Baling speed(p/min)8-108-108-106-106-10
Vertical baler parameters

Horizontal clothes baling machine

The horizontal baler is a larger type of baler, suitable for fully automatic production, and can be used in conjunction with the conveyor belt to put second-hand clothes directly on the conveyor belt, and then transport them to the horizontal clothes baler for packaging and compression.

Horizontal baler parameters

Max . outer diameter of the tire750mm
The minimum inner diameter of the tire300mm
Maximum tire width280mm
Maximum diameter of the bag 200mm
Packing tape width 40-70mm
Power supply voltage 380v
Working speed 20-30sec/strip
Packing tire inner diameter range 305-510mm
Packing tire width 150-280mm
The outer diameter of the packing tire 750mm
Packaging material Packing tape, composite paper tape, stretch wound film
Packing tape width 60-80mm
The outer diameter of packing tape 200mm(maximum)
Roller height 360mm
Bearing roller 200kg
Packaging tape overlapping range 30%-70%
Production efficiency750/R20
Horizontal baler parameters

What materials can be processed by the clothes baling machine

The materials that can be packed by the baler include cotton, recyclable garbage, waste paper, scrap metal, plastic bottles, cans, plastic bags, etc., especially for some products with large gaps and large spaces, the effect will be more significant.

Why use a clothes baling machine?

  1. Reduce material handling volume and improve transportation efficiency
  2. Savings from avoiding material disposal
  3. Generate income from sales of packaging materials
  4. Meet or exceed industry norms to maximize product value
clothes baling machine