Metal baler is also called metal briquette machine, horizontal metal baler, hydraulic metal baler, and so on. Its main purpose is to press the metal scraps into a specific shape to reduce the volume, so as to facilitate storage, transportation, and recycling.

Application of metal baler

Metal baler suitable for pressing all kinds of scrap metal such as aluminum chips, iron sheets, steel shaving, aluminum shaving, waste oil barrel, waste automobile shell, etc. It can be used to make various shapes of blocks (the size of the blocks can be customized) such as the long cube, cylinder, cube, etc., which is convenient for melting and reusing. In addition, it can also be used for the compression of cartons, plastic bottles, and other items.

Application of the metal press machine
application of the metal baler

Structural composition of metal briquette machine

The horizontal metal packer is mainly composed of hydraulic parts, a feeding chamber, a door cover, a telescopic arm, a console, a side hydraulic cylinder, a main hydraulic cylinder, a motor, a reducer, a safety device, etc.

  • The hydraulic part is the “heart” of the machine and the power source of the machine. The pressure range of this machine is between 1250kn and 4000kn.
  • The feeding chamber determines the size of the materials that can be put in. The size range of the feeding chamber is 1200 * 700 * 600mm – 3500 * 3000 * 1200mm.
  • There are four hydraulic cylinders in the machine, one on the door cover, one on the main pusher, one on the side pusher, and one on the outlet part.
  • Install an emergency stop device and over-current protection devices to prevent accidents.
Structure of the metal baler
structure of the metal baler

How does a metal baler work?

  1. First, put the material into the feeding chamber of the metal baler machine. Note: The materials put in cannot exceed the maximum output of the machine, because the motor will easily damage the motor when it is working under overload.
  2. Turn on the power of the machine and operate the operation lever to control the door cover to press down. After the pressing is completed, the door cover and the feed bin form a closed space.
  3. Hydraulic rods at the back and sides of the machine push the material forward and compress continuously, eventually forming a high-density metal block.
  4. The turnover hydraulic rod pushes out the materials in regular shape, and the density can reach 2000 kg / m3.

Advantages of hydraulic scrap metal briquette machine

  1. The machine is hydraulically driven, with low noise, stable operation, and high safety factors.
  2. There are a variety of discharge methods, which can be divided into machine discharge and manual discharge. Customers can choose according to their needs.
  3. In general, the voltage of the machine is 380v, but it can also be adjusted according to customer needs. In the case of inconvenient power sources, diesel engines can be used to provide power.
  4. The machine is easy to install, no foot screws need to be installed.
  5. There are various operation modes of the machine, so you can choose manual operation or PLC operation.
  6. The machine parts are precisely processed by a computer numerical control lathe. The machine’s action is soft and durable.
  7. The machine is made of thickened carbon steel with a beautiful appearance. The machine surface is coated with waterproof and anti-corrosion paint to extend the service life of the machine.

Parameters of the metal press machine

Type  Nominal push power(Kn)Compression chamber size
(Length * width * height)(mm)
Bale size(mm)The density of metal blocks(kg/m³)Capacity(kg/h)Single-cycle time(s)Matching power(kW)
scrap metal briquette machine