Waste baler

American customer again buys our waste baler for waste recycling

An American customer has rich experience in the waste recycling industry and has achieved remarkable business results after purchasing the waste baler from our company for the first time. With....

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Tyre baler for sale

200T tyre baler for sale for Philippine customers for efficient resource recycling and sales

A customer in the Philippines was looking for a large-scale tyre compressor for waste tyre recycling for his end customers. The customer also wanted a machine that would be cost-effective....

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Metal scrap baling press

Shuliy 125T metal scrap baling press for Iron scrap disposal project in Malaysia

A metal recycling company in Malaysia was faced with the problem of disposing of large quantities of iron pins. In order to improve space utilization, reduce transport costs and enhance....

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Metal baler machine

Export of SL-125 metal baler machine to Afghanitan

To achieve the efficient use of scrap iron resources, our customer from Aghtanitan purchased a metal baler machine from us. The customer has previously purchased metal recycling machine from other....

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Metal swarf compactor

Colombian customer buys 125-tonne metal swarf compactor for aluminum chips

In Colombia, a business owner was faced with the urgent need to improve the efficiency of baling aluminum chips. Traditional balers were inefficient and costly to run, so to solve....

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Horizontal metal baler

SL-160T horizontal metal baler for Kuwait

Our Kuwaiti client' has a customer facing complex challenges in metal scrap management. With bulky metal scrap not only taking up available space but also inefficiently handled, his client was....

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Scrap metal compactor for sale

3 sets of scrap metal compactors for sale to the Philippines

Recently, we're so excited that a Philippines client bought the scrap metal compactor for sale for waste recycling. A leading scrap metal recycler from the Philippines made a major decision....

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Hydraulic vertical baler 

2 sets of SL-40T hydraulic vertical balers sold to the USA

A leading waste management company in the United States recently sought to enhance its recycling operations by investing in efficient equipment. After extensive research and evaluation, he decided to purchase....

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Hydraulic aluminum can baler

SL-60T hydraulic aluminum can baler sold to Poland

Congratulations to Shuliy! In July 2023, one client from Poland bought a hydraulic aluminum can baler for recycling. Our vertical baler machine for aluminum cans has the advantages of high....

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Vertical cardboard baler

SL-60T vertical cardboard baler sold to Ghana

We're happy here to share that one Ghanaian client ordered one vertical cardboard baler for solving his waste cardboard baling needs. In order to complete the purchase successfully and reduce....

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