An American customer has rich experience in the waste recycling industry and has achieved remarkable business results after purchasing the waste baler from our company for the first time.

With the expansion of the business scale and changes in market demand, the customer put forward higher requirements for the bale press machine, expecting to introduce more efficient balers to improve the waste treatment capacity and resource reuse rate.

Waste baler
waste baler

What makes this American client choose our waste baler again?

High-quality machines win customers’ trust

Based on the good experience of the first purchase, the American customer highly recognized the quality of our vertical baler.

They are interested in the durability, high efficiency and low failure rate of our hydraulic baling press, which bring them stable productivity and considerable economic benefits in actual operation.

Perfect after-sales service

In addition, the customer also particularly appreciated our comprehensive after-sales service, including rapid response technical support, adequate supply of spare parts and regular maintenance, which further strengthened the customer’s confidence in our products and prompted their decision to purchase again.

Machine order list for America for the second time

vertical waste baler
Vertical waste baler
Name: Four-door single-chamber hydraulic baler
Model: 40T
Motor: 11KW ,380V
Oil pump: 563
Oil cylinder: single cylinder 140
Package size: 750mm*350mm*300mm-800mm
Operation form: hydraulic lever
1 pc
machine list for America

Effect show of the second purchase

After introducing the new baler, the customer’s waste recycling business has been further optimized. The new equipment not only improves baling speed and compression density, but also effectively reduces operating costs and storage space, giving the customer an advantage in the highly competitive market.

After the second successful co-operation, the American customer expressed his satisfaction with the performance and service of our vertical balers again.

If you also want to carry out all kinds of waste recycling, contact us and we will provide you with the most suitable equipment and the best offer.