Hydraulic baling press is widely used in various industries as an efficient material compression and packaging equipment, providing customers with long-lasting and reliable solutions. The hydraulic baler machine plays a key role in resource management, waste treatment and logistics, contributing to increased productivity and sustainable development.

Hydraulic baling press
hydraulic baling press

Areas of application of Shuliy hydraulic baling press

Scrap recycling

Vertical Hydraulic Baler is used to compress metals, plastics, paper, cardboard, textiles, hay straw, sponges, waste clothes, wool, sawdust, aluminum cans, hoses, medical waste and other waste materials to reduce size, lower transport costs and contribute to resource recovery.

Industrial production wastes

Various industrial sectors, such as steel, iron waste, construction frame, steel structure, roofing materials, and food manufacturing, use hydraulic baler machine to compress and pack raw materials and finished products to improve storage efficiency.

Waste disposal

In municipal waste disposal, the machine is used to compress household waste into blocks, reducing the space required for landfills.


Farmers use the hydraulic baling press to compress hay, straw and other fodder into compact blocks for easy storage and supply to livestock.

Quality hydraulic baling press for sale

We have two types of hydraulic balers, horizontal balers and vertical balers, with a variety of models, you can choose the right type of baler according to your needs and type of material. You can also contact us for more information about our machines!