The plastic bottle baling machine is also called a hydraulic baler machine. A plastic bottle baler is a machine used to compress and pack plastic water bottles. Through the compression of the plastic bottle baler, the volume of the plastic bottle can be reduced and transportation is convenient. The plastic bottle baling machine can also pack cans. , waste cartons, cotton, scrap metal, etc., widely used, mainly used to reduce storage space. It is convenient for secondary recycling.

Raw material plastic bottle baling machine
raw material Plastic bottle baling machine

The structure of the plastic bottle baling machine

Plastic bottle baling machine
Plastic bottle baling machine

The main components of the main engine of the plastic bottle, include the main frame, hydraulic system, electric control system, and feeding systemThe main frame is made of high-quality steel plates, thickened and welded, and durable. The hydraulic system is composed of key components such as a hydraulic pump, solenoid valve, oil cylinder, etc. The hydraulic baler has high pressure, high speed, and low noise. The discharge system is divided into various methods such as side push, manual and forward push.

Parameters of plastic baling machine

dynamical systemhydraulic system⌀245 travels 2100mmhydraulic system⌀280Travel 2300mmhydraulic system⌀280Travel 2400mmhydraulic system⌀280Travel 2450mm
Power22kw,3 HP,380V30Kw+4Kw, 3 HP,380V37Kw+4Kw, 3 HP,380V45Kw+4Kw
Main Nominal thrust1200KN1600KN1800KN2000kn
System pressure28Mpa31.5MPA31.5Mpa31.5MPA  
Control systemPLC automatic controlPLC automatic controlPLC automatic controlPLC automatic control
Feeding size1650mm*1100mm1650mm*1100mm2000*1100mm2000mm*1100mm
Bale size1100*900mm1100mm*1250mm1100*1300mm1100mm*1400mm
Bale density800Kg/Bale, 400-450kg/m³1200Kg/Bale  450Kg/m³1300kg/bale, 500kg/m³1400Kg/Bale 520Kg/m³
Capacity4-7 bales/h5-8 bales6-9 bales8-10 bales
bundling3 pcs manual threading4-5 pcs, Manual threading4-5 pcs, Manual threading4-5 pcs, Manual threading
Plastic bottle baler
Plastic bottle baling machine
Plastic bottle baling machine

Plastic bottle baler exported to Uganda

Plastic bottle baling machine
Plastic bottle baling machine

We exported a 200-model plastic bottle baling machine to Uganda. The customer is in the recycling industry. The customer needs to pack scrap metal and plastic bottles. Therefore, in order to be suitable for both products, the customer chose the largest type of plastic bottle baling machine. This allows two products to be packaged. And after customer testing, it is found that the packaging effect is very good, especially after the plastic bottle is compressed, it saves a lot of space.