The plastic bottle baler machine is the special equipment for plastic bottles. By compressing the plastic bottles and extruding the gaps between the plastic bottles, the storage space of the plastic bottles can be compressed, and the characteristics of the plastic bottles are not easy to transport.

Plastic bottle baler machine
Plastic Bottle Baler Machine

Introduction of horizontal plastic bottle packing machine

Plastic bottle packing machine
Plastic Bottle Packing Machine

 The horizontal beverage bottle baler is suitable for compression balers for cola bottles, cans, plastic films, waste paper, sponges, chemical fibers, and waste materials. It is equipped with conveyor belt feeding. It is suitable for processing about 1-5 tons per hour. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine, with a small footprint, fast packing speed, simple operation, stable performance, and low failure rate.

Why do plastic bottles need a baler?

Plastic bottles can be recycled, and plastic particles can be made. When recycling plastic bottles, plastic bottles are hollow, there will be a lot of space between the bottles, and plastic bottles are relatively thin and difficult to handle, so plastic bottle baler machines can be processed. The bottles are compressed and formed into plastic bottle blocks of the same size, which can be transported and stored.

Two kinds of plastic bottle baler machine

Plastic bottle baler machine
Plastic Bottle Baler Machine

At present, the plastic bottle balers on the market are divided into two types: vertical balers and horizontal balers. Both types of balers can be used to pack waste plastic bottles. The difference lies in the output of packaging, the degree of automation, and the size of the package. According to the different needs of enterprises, the types of purchases are also different. The following will talk about the use of the two types of plastic bottle baler machines.

How to use the vertical plastic bottle baler machine?

Plastic bottle baler machine
Plastic Bottle Baler Machine

The operation process is complicated. First, open the discharge door of the equipment through the handwheel locking device, empty the packing room, and put a packing cloth or carton on it. Close the door of the compression chamber, open the feeding door at the same time, and feed the material from the feeding door. After the material is full, close the feeding door, automatically compress through the PLC electrical system, continue to feed after the compression and volume reduction, and repeat the above operations until the material is full. After compression molding, open the compression chamber door and the feeding door, and thread and thread the compressed plastic bottle. After completion, perform the push package operation to complete the discharge.

Plastic bottle baler conveyor belt
Plastic Bottle Baler Conveyor Belt

How to use the horizontal plastic bottle baler?

Horizontal plastic bottle baler
Horizontal Plastic Bottle Baler

The horizontal plastic bottle baler machine is much simpler to operate. After checking that there is no abnormality in opening the equipment, it can be directly fed or fed through a conveyor into the compression chamber. After the plastic bottle reaches its position, press the compression button to compress it in place. It will automatically back up and stop. Repeat the feeding and compression operation until the required packing length is reached, press the packing button, and after reaching the packing position, press the threading button, the threading will be automatically cut and the threading will be finished.

Plastic bottle baler machine