The animal bone shredding crusher machine is a device for crushing hard animal bones. The machine can be used in slaughterhouses and food processing plants. The animal bone shredder has high working efficiency.

What products can be processed by the bone shredder?

Bone shredders process bones and meat

The animal bone shredder can not only shred bones but also shred frozen meat and fresh meat. The animal bone shredder can be used to process pet food. In addition, the animal bone shredder can also be used to dispose of dead animal carcasses, for example, when burning, it is conducive to burning and improving incineration efficiency.

Shredder for metal

This shredder can also shred metal products, such as motors, bicycles, metal pipes, etc.

What problems will be encountered when the bone is broken?

Bone crusher
bone crusher

When the bone is crushed, it may be too large due to the size, so the general meat processing machine cannot handle it when it is shredded, or if it is used, it will cause large damage to the machine and reduce the lifespan. However, the cutter of this bone crusher adopts the same H13 material, capable of shredding metalwork and large bones with ease.

Animal bone shredding crusher machine advantage

Low-speed low noise

Large processing capacity and output size can be controlled

The airtightness of the machine is good, and the stainless steel material has good corrosion resistance

Complete specifications support customization

Animal bone shredding crusher machine parameter

Shredder1200 heavy
Cutter diameter500mm
Cutter thickness60mm
Cutter tooth number7tooth
Cutter tooth height40-45mm
Gear ratio90:1
Reducer modelZsy450type×2(hard tooth surface)
Motor Power55kw×2(Level 6)
Frame160×160square tube
Distribution CabinetOverload automatic forward and reverse protection
Outfeed Conveyor600 type × 6 meters
Suspension Magnetic Separator600 type