A waste paper baler machine is a machine used to recycle and pack waste paper. Through the compression and molding of the machine, the waste paper can reduce the gap and form a uniform size waste paper bag, which can be stored in the warehouse. There are two types of cardboard baling machines, one is a small vertical baler machine, and the other is a large horizontal baler machine. The following is the horizontal baler.

Application scope of waste paper baler machine

The waste paper baler machine has a wide range of applications. A waste paper baler machine can pack hard materials such as metal and scrap iron and can pack lighter materials such as plastic bottles, cans, straws, waste paper, clothes, cotton, etc., so this is a multi-functional metal baling machine.

Why use a waste paper baler machine?

Cardboard baling machine
cardboard baling machine

1. Convenient transportation. The packaged waste paper can effectively reduce transportation costs and increase transportation efficiency

2. Popular. The waste paper that has been packaged and sorted in the market is more popular when it is sold.

3. Easier to store. After the waste paper baler is processed, the waste paper can be stored in the warehouse, saving more warehouse space

4. Easy to reprocess. After the waste paper is packaged, it will be more convenient to reuse it.

The cardboard baling machine can be configured with a conveyor belt

Cardboard baling machine conveyor
cardboard baling machine conveyor

The large-scale waste paper has a higher chance of baling, and the feeding can be equipped with a conveyor belt, which can realize automatic packaging of waste paper, saving time and effort. And the feeding port of the carton baler is relatively large. Such a waste paper baler machine is convenient for feeding, without jamming, and has high production efficiency.

Three discharge forms of cardboard baling machine

The packaged waste paper is placed in the silo of the waste paper baler machine, how to discharge it? In fact, the discharge of the baler is divided into three ways. The cardboard baling machine can be turned over to discharge, push the bag to discharge, and manually discharge. These three discharge forms can be customized. The size of the packaged waste paper can also be customized.

Parameters of cardboard baling machine

Cardboard baling machine
cardboard baling machine
Pressure1000KN1600 KN1800 KN2000 KN
Main power22KW+1.5KW+4kw37KW+1.5KW+4kw45KW+3KW+5kw55KW+13KW+5.5kw
QTY of baling wires4/54/555
Size of balesW1150mm*H1050mm*L(adjustable)W1150mm*H1250mm*L(adjustable)W1150mm*H1350mm*L(adjustable)W1150mm*H1450mm*L(adjustable)
WireAnnealed wire 3mm(12#)or plastic wireAnnealed wire 3mm(12#)or plastic wireAnnealed wire 3mm(12#)or plastic wireAnnealed wire 3mm(12#)or plastic wire
Tie methodManual/automaticManual/automaticManual/automaticManual/automatic
Capacity6-8 bales/h6-8 bales/h6-8 bales/h6-8 bales/h
Weight of bale500-1000kg1000-1300kg1000-1300kg1000-1300kg 
Conveyor size6530*1400*3200mm7113*1555*3360mm7800*1655*3360mm8200*1700*3360mm
Operation methodManual/PLCManual/PLCManual/PLCManual/PLC
cardboard baling machine

Advantages of waste paper baler machine

1. The cardboard baling machine adopts hydraulic transmission, compact structure, convenient installation, simple operation, easy maintenance, and good air tightness.

2. Low noise hydraulic setting to avoid noise pollution problems,

3. The speed can be adjusted, and the packing speed of the machine can be manually controlled.

4. Using the hydraulic principle, the material is compressed at a fast speed through compression, which is beneficial to reduce the storage space of the material.

Video of horizontal baler for baling waste paper