The trash compactor machine is also called the garbage baler, which squeezes out air, liquid, and water by extrusion, and reduces the volume of garbage through compression to reduce the landfill space. Garbage compactors have become important processing equipment for environmental protection.

Trash compactor machine
Trash compactor machine

Which industries are trash compactor machines used in?

Every type of business generates some form of waste that needs to be removed and dumped. The size and workload of a business increase the need to use compactors.

Restaurants and hotels

The most widespread use of compactors is found in a variety of retail, restaurant, and hospitality operations that generate waste ranging from packaging materials and boxes to leftover food. The wet waste is loaded into the compactor, where the head crushes the material to 75% smaller than its original volume.

Medical hygiene

There is a lot of waste in the healthcare system, but much of it cannot be disposed of casually, and medical waste compactors are designed to incorporate containment, storage, and transport to prevent waste from being exposed to the public. The garbage compactor can collect these medical wastes, compress them and package them for unified treatment.


The school has a lot of waste paper, old tables, chairs, etc. that need to be recycled and packaged. The use of garbage balers in schools can be very useful. In particular, some paper can be recycled, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

Benefits of using a trash compactors machine

Reduce operating costs

Proper management and control of waste can reduce operating costs. Compaction of waste, litter, and litter reduces the need to collect litter, as well as the need for bins and containers for waste.

Improve waste disposal efficiency

Garbage disposal is a very large project, and it takes a long time to dispose of garbage. After compressing the volume of garbage, it will save time in handling and transportation.

Increase space

Garbage baler machinegarbage baler machine
garbage baler machine

Trash compactors can handle bulky and space-consuming waste, reducing your company’s footprint. Large pieces of waste can be converted into manageable small cubes or blocks, making waste easier to handle and taking up less space.

Easy to use

Installation and use of the compactor are simple, convenient, and efficient. The user only needs to operate the button, and any member of the company’s staff can operate the compactor under proper guidance.

Trash compactor machine safety

Trash compactor machine
Trash compactor machine

The garbage piled up for a long time will have harmful properties. When wet garbage is allowed to store, it rots and develops an odor, which can be harmful and potentially dangerous. Garbage and waste can be easily disposed of with a trash compactor that compacts odor-laden trash and prevents the production of large quantities of toxic chemicals.

Garbage baler machine parameter

ModelNominal Force(kn)compression chamber(mm)Block size
Block density(kg/m 3 )Capacity (kg/h)power(kW)Bale Discharging Operation
Y81-160016001600× 1000×800300×300×(400-800)≥20002000KG/H-3000KG/H22Turnover, manual valve operation
Garbage baler machine parameter