A sawdust baler machine is a machine for compressing and packing sawdust, which can be easily stored and transported after being packed by the machine, Our balers work efficiently and can pack scrap metal and other raw materials. Sawdust baler machines are widely used in wood processing plants and coal processing plants.

Baler machine
baler machine

What raw materials can the sawdust baler machine pack?

In addition to packing sawdust, the sawdust baler machine can also pack iron drums, steel products, aluminum products, waste cartons, and other products, as well as products such as straw and feed.

The role of the sawdust baling machine

Sawdust baling machine
sawdust baling machine

The baler will first compress the raw materials, and then the gap between the materials will become smaller after compression, saving space, and can be directly transported by cranes and trailers for short distances. In addition, after the baler adds functions, it will form a specific shape, such as a square or rectangle. , six-pass shape, etc., and the formed shapes are all uniform. Can be stacked.

Two models of metal balers

Our company has two types of balers, one is a vertical baler machine and the other is a horizontal baler. The functions of these two balers are the same, but their appearance is different. The vertical baler needs to be loaded from top to bottom, and the horizontal baler needs to be loaded from the back to the front. Therefore, the vertical baler is more suitable for relatively light raw materials, such as waste paper, worn clothes, straw, and other products. Horizontal balers are more suitable for heavier raw materials, such as some steel and scrap iron drums.

Indonesian customers buy horizontal balers

We export a horizontal baler to Indonesia. The customer has a wood factory and buys a baler for baling wood chips. Our horizontal baler is very suitable for baling sawdust. Generally, our delivery cycle is one week, and the transportation time is about 35-40 days, so the customer can put it into use in more than a month.

baler machine