A copper wire shredder is a machine for shredding cables. This scrap wire copper cable board shredder machine can shred both wires and cable boards. It is very suitable for the cable recycling industry. The machine is designed with two shafts and has high work efficiency.

The copper wire shredder can also crush waste metal, iron barrels, plastic, cardboard, wood, and other materials, which are widely used and durable. This cable board crushing machine is very popular in Belgium, Chile, South Africa, Canada, and Morocco.

Shredder material
shredder material

Why recycle wire?

Copper wire has a high available value

Many of the wires are copper wires, the wires are very heavy because of the metal in the wires, and copper is very precious because copper is a non-renewable metal. So it has a high recycling value.

High yield of wire recycling

Because the skin is broken or used for a long time, these wires will be eliminated, so the recycling yield is high and can be scaled.

The role of cable board crushing machines in the cable industry

When recycling cables, the metal inside is mainly recovered, but there will be insulated wires on the outside of the wires, which need to be separated. The crushing of wires is the first step in processing cables.

The power mode of the copper wire shredder

The cable board crushing machine can use electricity, or it can be equipped with a diesel engine to use diesel. You can choose the appropriate method according to the production site and production cost. We support customization.

Copper wire shredder for the recycling industry

This wire shredder can not only be used in the wire recycling industry but also can be used to recycle scrap metal. Because the cutter is hard enough, it can also process metal. In addition, it can also process soft materials such as cartons, so cable tearing Crusher has a wide range of applications.

Model selection of copper wire shredder

There are several types of shredders: 600, 800, 1000, 1200, and 1400. There is a wide range of machines to choose from. Our engineers can configure the most suitable machine for you according to your materials. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.

Video of copper wire shredder

copper wire shredder