The steel drum shredder is also called a double-shaft shredder. This steel barrels crusher can crush tires, metals, scrap steel, scrap cars, etc. The steel barrels crusher cuts, shreds, squeezes, etc. Reduced in size. Iron drum shredder is a very important machine in environmental protection recycling equipment. The machine’s knife has high hardness, a wide range of use, and low noise. Low energy consumption.

Steel drum shredder
Steel Drum Shredder

Scope of application of steel drum shredder

Application of steel drum shredder
Application Of Steel Drum Shredder

Metals: cans, metal cans, iron bicycles, car shells

Timber: waste furniture, branches, trunks, wood scraps, wooden pallets, solid wood,

Rubber: used tires, tapes, hose industry, rubber products,

Plastics, plastic films, plastic bags, woven bags, plastic bottles,

Pipe type: plastic pipe, PE pipe, metal aluminum pipe,

Steel barrels crusher
Steel Barrels Crusher

Packaging: woven bags, plastic bags, receiving garbage,

Electronics: refrigerator circuit boards, laptop casings, TV casings

Paper: old books and newspapers, magazines, copy paper,

Meat: pork bones, beef stock,

Glass: light tubes, glass cups, glass bottles

The role of the steel drum shredder

Steel drum shredder
Steel Drum Shredder

The main function of the iron barrel crusher is to crush the material, which is generally used to process unprocessed raw materials or scraps. Period size becomes smaller. For example, plastic bottles are crushed, tires are shredded, and then melted into granules, used as raw materials, and recycled. This iron barrel shredder is also often used to shred waste iron barrels, and then recycle them to create economic value.

Steel drum shredder
Steel Drum Shredder

Components of a steel barrels crusher

The double-shaft shredder is a kind of solid waste shredding mechanical equipment. It is mainly composed of a blade spindle, a fixed knife, a load-bearing box, a box, a bracket, a feeding system, a hydraulic propulsion system, a power system, and a motor control system. The material enters from the top of the machine, passes through the blade, and the crushed iron drum pieces flow out from the bottom of the machine. A conveyor belt can be placed under the machine to realize fully automatic processing.

Steel drum shredder video

Advantages of steel drum shredder

Steel drum shredder
Steel Drum Shredder

1. The whole is guided, which ensures high mechanical strength and processing accuracy, prolongs the service life of the equipment, and saves maintenance costs

2. Independent detachable fixed knife technology, each fixed knife can be independently disassembled and installed. It can be disassembled in a short time and quickly, which reduces the manual workload and improves normal continuity.

3. Tool customization. The cutter can be replaced to control the fineness of the steel drum shredder crushed material. Realize controllable machine production.