A customer in the Philippines was looking for a large-scale tyre compressor for waste tyre recycling for his end customers. The customer also wanted a machine that would be cost-effective and perform well to increase his competitiveness with his end-users.

Tyre baler for sale
tyre baler for sale

Why choose our tyre baler for sale among several baler suppliers?

Cost-effective and excellent performance

After comparing several balers in the market, the customer finally chose our 200-tonne hydraulic tyre baler. They are interested in the excellent cost performance of this equipment, not only has a strong 200-ton compression capacity, but also low energy consumption, durability, and can effectively meet the needs of a large number of waste tyres quickly baled.

High-quality service and customized solutions

In addition to the hardware advantages of the product, the customer also highly appreciates the comprehensive after-sales service and technical support we provide.

For the special needs of the customer, we tailor-made baling solutions to ensure smooth installation and commissioning of the equipment, and can play a maximum performance in actual operation.

Cooperation results

Enhancement of operational efficiency

After using our 200-tonne tyre baler for sale, the customer has significantly improved the baling efficiency of the tyre recycling station, reduced operational costs, and thus enhanced the overall profitability of the business.

Customer satisfaction and continued cooperation

The customer is satisfied with the performance and service of our 200-tonne vertical baler, and believes that this purchase decision will help them maintain their leading position in the industry and further consolidate their long-term relationship with us.

By working together, both parties have promoted the efficient use of local waste tyre resources and the development of environmental protection.