To achieve the efficient use of scrap iron resources, our customer from Aghtanitan purchased a metal baler machine from us. The customer has previously purchased metal recycling machine from other countries, and this time, he is interested in our products and services, and therefore, wants to purchase from us. Our co-operation aims to improve the efficiency of scrap iron baling and re-sale and realize greater economic returns.

Metal baler machine
metal baler machine

Customer background

The customer in Afghanistan is running a company that specializes in the recycling and reprocessing of scrap iron. For him, the key issue was how to efficiently bale scrap iron to increase its value when reselling. He had previously purchased other scrap metal recycling equipment and achieved remarkable results, and chose us this time in the hope of further improving baling efficiency and profitability.

Solution for Afghanistan

In response to the customer’s needs, we supplied a hot-selling metal baler machine designed to bale scrap iron more efficiently. The machine not only offers excellent performance, but is also highly customizable to meet the customer’s needs for baling scrap iron with different specifications and requirements. We are committed to providing a full range of solutions, from equipment selection to after-sales service.

Advantages of Shuliy metal baler machine

  • Efficient baling: Known for its efficient and reliable performance, our metal scrap baler is capable of baling large quantities of scrap iron quickly and compactly, increasing overall baling efficiency.
  • Easy to Operate: Our simple and intuitive design makes it easy to operate, even for non-professionals, and reduces the cost of ownership.
  • Customisability: Depending on the customer’s specific needs, we offer a wide range of customization options to ensure that the machine fully meets his baling requirements.

Package and delivery scrap metal baler machine for Afghanistan

To ensure that the machine arrives safely in Yiwu, we adopt the most rigorous packaging and transport solutions. The carefully packed machines can withstand all kinds of vibrations and shocks during transport, ensuring that the customer receives the machine in perfect condition.