Scrap metal has a high recycling value. There are many processing industries that retain a lot of leftovers, but there is no equipment to deal with a large amount of scrap metal left behind.

Metal shredders solve metal buildup problems

Scrap metal
Scrap Metal

Metal accumulation, not only takes up space and increases the cost of factory inventory but also the long-term accumulation of metal will cause great loss, wasting the value of the metal. The metal shredder solves the problem of metal accumulation. The metal shredder can crush large pieces of metal with a controllable size. The shredded metal can be recycled according to the demand, which effectively improves the recycling efficiency of scrap metal. Metal shredders are shearing-type tools.

Classification of shredders

Generally, it can be divided into three series: single-axis, double-axis, and four-axis. Can be customized according to needs. The shredder can shred gasoline drums, wood, plastic, tires, and more. Of course, the more porridge the shredder has, the higher the shredding efficiency.