In Colombia, a business owner was faced with the urgent need to improve the efficiency of baling aluminum chips. Traditional balers were inefficient and costly to run, so to solve this challenge, we recommended a new, more cost-effective metal swarf compactor that included Shuliy’s advanced technology.

Metal swarf compactor
metal swarf compactor

Customised options to meet customer needs

The Colombian customer had clear expectations of the machine’s performance and operational requirements. We recommended a new metal scrap baler that not only met the need for efficient baling, but also reduced operating costs. The customized performance of this machine allowed it to be better adapted to the customer’s specific operating processes.

Machine list for Colombia

Metal compactor Pressure :1250kn          
Press briquette diameter:70mm   
Feeding port size:580mm-470mm
Hydraulic oil pump:F532  gear pump
Power :7.5 kw
System control:Plc
Cooling type :Wind cooling
Forming type:20-25 s
Size :1400*1200*1200
Feeding method :dosing
Fuel tank capacity:140L
Capacity : 50-100kg/h
1 pc
machine list for Columbia

Highly praised about Shuliy metal swarf compactor

The performance of the Shuliy aluminum chips briquetting machine was highly praised by the customer. This machine focuses on energy efficiency and ease of operation while baling efficiently. This results in a more cost-effective and user-friendly baling experience for him.

On top of that, by improving baling efficiency and reducing running costs, this Colombian customer has felt significant savings in a short period of time. This cost-effective operation made him more confident in choosing this new baler.

Looking forward to your order from Colombia!

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