Our Kuwaiti client’ has a customer facing complex challenges in metal scrap management. With bulky metal scrap not only taking up available space but also inefficiently handled, his client was in dire need of a state-of-the-art and reliable solution. So he contacted us to find a horizontal metal baler solution.

Horizontal metal baler
horizontal metal baler

Shuliy solution for Kuwait

According to the needs of the end customer, our sales manager recommended our 160T horizontal metal baler. This metal baler machine is capable of baling small metal blocks of 350*350mm and is cost-effective. For the end customer, there is quality and the price is also suitable for metal recycling equipment.

Great purchase experience with horizontal metal baler

Throughout the procurement process, the Kuwaiti customer had nothing but praise for our customer service. The Shuliy team provided expert advice and customized solutions to ensure that the 160T metal baler was perfectly suited to the customer’s specific needs. This professional and caring service made the whole purchasing experience smoother. The final order list is as below:

Metal baler
160 Tons
Baler size :350*350mm
Bin size:1200* 1000*600m
Forming time:110s
Baler method: front flip
1 pc
7 Pieces
Blades of baler
7 pcs
machine list for Kuwait

Feedback on horizontal metal baler from Kuwaiti client

The Kuwaiti customer spoke highly of the performance of our 160T metal scrap baler. The machine stood out for its excellent compression capacity and high degree of automation, successfully compressing bulky metal scrap into sturdy blocks quickly. This not only improves scrap management efficiency, but also results in more compact and manageable metal scrap for sale.

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