A leading waste management company in the United States recently sought to enhance its recycling operations by investing in efficient equipment. After extensive research and evaluation, he decided to purchase two hydraulic vertical balers, to meet his specific needs.

Hydraulic vertical baler 
hydraulic vertical baler 

Requirements about the hydraulic vertical baler

The customer’s main requirement was for the vertical hydraulic baler capable of efficiently compacting a wide range of recyclable materials. The hydraulic baling press perfectly fulfills his needs by providing a powerful hydraulic system that compresses recyclables into tightly packed bales.

Solution for the USA client

The hydraulic vertical baler is customized with an advanced control system to streamline the recycling process. And it focuses on machine safety and efficiency. By using advanced balers, this U.S. customer has not only dramatically reduced waste, but also optimized the recycling processes, resulting in cost savings and increased sustainability.

Vertical hydraulic baler’s advantages

Vertical baling press
vertical baling press

The reliability and superior performance of the vertical hydraulic baler enable fast and efficient waste baling, dramatically increasing recycling efficiency, turning waste into treasure and creating value.

Machine order for the USA

Machine order
machine order
Customized part
customized part

Notes: We customize the vertical baler part to meet his needs.