Congratulations to Shuliy! In July 2023, one client from Poland bought a hydraulic aluminum can baler for recycling. Our vertical baler machine for aluminum cans has the advantages of high efficiency, good effect and great performance, thus it’s very popular in the world recycling market.

Hydraulic aluminum can baler
hydraulic aluminum can baler

Why buy the aluminum can baler for Polan?

In the aluminum can recycling industry in Poland, this Polish customer realized the importance of vertical balers in the aluminum can recycling, and therefore urgently needed to purchase an efficient machine to solve the aluminum can baling problem.

Through in-depth communication with our sales manager April about the hydraulic aluminum can baler, he understood the quality and performance of the equipment. During these exchanges, April showed the customer the actual working process and baling results of our aluminum can baler machine. Through the video demonstration, the customer clearly saw our equipment’s ability to efficiently compress and bale aluminum cans and gained confidence in its performance and stability.

After deeply understanding the functions and features of the equipment, the Polish customer showed great interest in our vertical baler and expressed his great satisfaction. He decided to pay for the equipment in full to ensure that he could get the baling solution he needed as soon as possible.

Reference to Shuliy hydraulic aluminum can baler parameters

Machine nameSpecificationsQty
Vertical hydraulic balerModel-60
Pressure: 60tons
Baler size : 110*75cm
cylinder stroke:160cm
Machine size: 1850*2000*3100mm
1 pc
machine parameters for Poland

Notes: The customer paid in full and we guaranteed to deliver the machine to the port of delivery within two weeks.