Metal scrap baler machine

SL-135T metal scrap baler machine ordered by Somalian client again

Recently, our Somali customer, as our regular customer, chose our metal scrap baler machine again and customized it according to the end customer's needs. This reflects their trust and satisfaction....

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Vertical baling press

30T vertical baling press for waste cardboard sold to Malta

Good news to Shuliy! In May 2023, one client from Malta communicated with us via email and successfully purchased our vertical baling press, providing the ideal solution for baling waste....

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Somali customer purchased two scrap yard balers

A Somali customer purchased two scrap yard balers

Scrap yard balers are very important for landfilling and saving resources. Scrap balers can compress garbage and can also pack non-ferrous metals. Somali customers ordered two scrap yard balers after....

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Beer cap shredder

Large UK brewery orders beer cap shredder

The British customer contacted a metal recycling agency, but the metal recycling agency purchased smaller metals, and the British customer had a demand for crushing. Reduce the footprint of beer....

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Metal cutting machine

5 metal shears successfully sold to Indonesia

Metal shear, also called alligator shear, is a kind of small equipment. It has the characteristics of small size, easy to move, simple operation and so on. Do you want to know why....

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