Metal shear, also called alligator shear, is a kind of small equipment. It has the characteristics of small size, easy to move, simple operation and so on.

Do you want to know why this machine is called an alligator shear?

The cutting part of this machine is mainly composed of a moving upper jaw and a fixed lower jaw. It works like a crocodile biting its prey, so it is also called an alligator shear. Due to its simple design structure, low failure rate, high shear pressure, and low maintenance costs, the machine has been unanimously recognized by the market.

Scope of application of metal shears

This equipment is mainly used in the waste material recycling processing industry. Cold cutting of various small and medium-sized steel, such as round steel, square steel, channel steel, angle steel, I-shaped steel, steel plates, steel pipes, and other waste metals

The customer sent an inquiry

In October, a customer from Indonesia sent us an inquiry for the metal shears. Customers stated that they wanted to know about our machines. He owns a factory that specializes in recycling scrap metal. Before contacting the metal shears, he always cuts some long steel bars by electric cutting. However, the disadvantage of this is that it will produce great noise and inefficient.

The customer consulted us about the price and quality of the machine and felt that our machine was not bad, so he placed an order. The customer’s machine has now arrived. Customers have begun using this machine to create higher benefits for the factory.

Features of the alligator shear

  1. Hydraulic drive, easy operation, simple maintenance, and low working noise.
  2. Working blade length of crocodile shears: 400mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm; eight levels of shearing force from 63 to 400 tons, suitable for users of different scales and requirements Crocodile scissors with a knife-edge of 700mm or more are particularly suitable for cutting scrapped cars.
  3. No foot screws are required for installation. Diesel engines can be used for power without the power supply.
  4. The equipment adopts hydraulic transmission. Compared with mechanical transmission shears, it has the advantages of small size, lightweight, low inertia, low noise, stable movement, convenient operation, flexible, large cutting section, convenient adjustment of shear mouth, etc. Safe to use and easy to implement overload protection.