Scrap yard balers are very important for landfilling and saving resources. Scrap balers can compress garbage and can also pack non-ferrous metals. Somali customers ordered two scrap yard balers after visiting the factory.

The function of scrap yard balers

Metal baling
metal baling

Scrap yards have many different types of recyclable and non-recyclable materials. The scrap yard baler is to compress these recyclable materials for easy loading, unloading, transportation, and storage.

Which machines did Somali customers buy?

The scrap yard balers are divided into vertical balers and horizontal balers. The Somali customer purchased these two different balers because the customer requires more types of materials to be processed. The processing capacity of the vertical baler is relatively small, but the operation is simple and the floor space is small. The horizontal baler is suitable for compressing scrap metal and other materials, and the horizontal baler has a large processing capacity.

Hydraulic metal baler solves practical problems for customers

We have helped customers design many different solutions and solved many problems of customers. For example, make a plan for a wood chip baler for a wood factory. The sawdust is compressed and sold, and the waste material is also profitable. There is also an iron barrel baler, which is used to compress waste iron barrels and then recycle them.