A British brewery is already a world-renowned enterprise in the beer industry, and the beer produced is exported all over the world. During the beer production process, there will be a lot of discarded beer caps. These beer caps have been piled up in the warehouse for a long time, occupying a large area, and stacked outdoors for a long time, causing environmental pollution.

British brewery customer demand

The British customer contacted a metal recycling agency, but the metal recycling agency purchased smaller metals, and the British customer had a demand for crushing. Reduce the footprint of beer caps by shredding them. It is convenient for recycling again. Large UK brewery orders beer cap shredder.

Solutions for British breweries

The needs of British beer customers are clear and the materials are clear. Our business manager can equip the appropriate machine according to the output of the customer. We ended up recommending the sl-400 model shredder. This machine has a small footprint and strong processing capacity, which is very in line with the customer’s requirements. Before delivery, we conducted a test machine and gave the customer a detailed test report.

Customer feedback on beer cap shredders

Beer cap shredder
beer cap shredder

After more than a month, the customer received the machine and did not need to install it. After the customer tried it, the machine was running normally, and the crushed product met the requirements. The quality of the machine product has always been the core competitiveness for us to cooperate with customers.