Good news to Shuliy! In May 2023, one client from Malta communicated with us via email and successfully purchased our vertical baling press, providing the ideal solution for baling waste paperboard.

Background of this client from Malta

This customer owns a waste paper processing company, facing the need to process and bale a large number of waste paper boards. During the email communication with us, the customer understood the performance and advantages of our hydraulic baler in detail and showed a strong interest in our products.

Why buy the Shuliy vertical baling press for waste cardboard?

There are two main reasons why the customer chose to purchase Shuliy’s hydraulic baler machine.

Firstly, our manager April provided detailed product information and technical support by email, so that the customer could fully understand our equipment.

Secondly, April answered various questions and concerns of the customer in a professional and efficient manner, establishing a good relationship of trust and cooperation.

Through email communication, the customer kept close contact with us and the whole purchase process was very smooth and efficient. The customer’s willingness to buy was also fully reflected, and he showed a strong desire to buy our vertical baling press.

Machine list for Malta

Vertical balerModel-30
Pressure: 30tons
Baler size : 100*60*80mm
cylinder stroke:100cm
Machine size: 1650*850*2700mm
1 pc
SL-30T vertical baler machine