The vertical baler machine is suitable for packaging equipment in the recycling industry. It can pack scrap metal, plastic bottles, cotton, waste paper, and other products. A Gabonese customer bought our vertical baler twice.

Types of baler machine

The baler is divided into a vertical baler and a horizontal baler. The functions of the baler are the same, that is, the feeding method of the baler is different, and the output is also different. The output of the baler is relatively large, and the output of the vertical baler is smaller. We can recommend suitable machines according to the materials and output packaged by customers.

Gabon vertical baler machine customer introduction

Vertical baler machine
vertical baler machine

The Gabon baler customer is a company that buys a vertical baler for baling plastic. The weight of the plastic package is about 150 kg. These are very much in line with the needs of Gabonese customers.

Why do Gabon customers buy our vertical balers machine twice?

Metal baler transport
metal baler transport
  1. Due to the business expansion of Gabon customers, it is necessary to increase the production
  2. Due to our good after-sales service, Gabon vertical baler customers encounter problems in use, we will solve them in time
  3. Our vertical baler is of good quality. After the experience of Gabon vertical baler customers, our vertical baler is very recognized.