Metal balers are also called metal block compressors, metal briquettes, scrap aluminum balers, scrap iron balers, brass balers, etc. The purpose of this machine is to compress the size of the metal block, making it convenient for melting, storage, and transportation.

At present, the metal briquette machines on the market use the principle of hydraulic pressure to compress materials. There are usually vertical and horizontal balers. In addition, the pressure range of scrap metal briquette machines produced by different manufacturers is different, ranging from 30 tons to 300 tons. So how to choose a metal baler that suits you?

1. First, look at the material of the machine. In order to save their own production costs, some manufacturers cut corners on the machine materials, not only greatly reducing the thickness of the machine sheet, and some manufacturers even change the material of the machine. Many customers may think that this is nothing, and even feel that they spend less money on this is OK. But you need to know that too thin materials will affect the maximum bearing capacity of the machine. There may not be much difference in the initial use process, but long-term use will inevitably cause the machine to malfunction.

Horizontal metal baler
Horizontal Metal Baler

2. Choose the machine that suits your output. There are many different models of metal balers, and their output is also very different. If a large-volume customer buys a small machine, this will have a huge impact on the plant’s production efficiency.

3. Select the appropriate metal block size. The ultimate purpose of metal packing is to melt in a furnace. Therefore, as a person who wants to engage in the metal packaging industry, it is necessary to know the size of the bales required by the upstream metal smelter. If the prepared metal block does not meet the needs of the upstream metal smelter, and people do not recycle the metal block that does not meet the specifications, it will cause a certain degree of loss.

4. Price. Price is a question of whether you buy any machine. We are sellers and producers of metal balers. Although the price we can provide is not the cheapest, it is certainly not the most expensive in the industry. The price of the metal baler must be worth it’s quality!