Metal briquetting machine

Metal briquetting machine is also called vertical metal scrap recycling machine, metal chip merging machine, metal pressing machine, high-density metal chip briquetting machine. The working principle of this machine is to use hydraulic pressure to press the metal which can produce plastic deformation into a solid block with high density.

Introduction of Vertical Metal Briquetting Machine

This machine is mainly composed of hydraulic rod, oil cylinder, four support columns, forming columns, molds, discharge plates, and other parts. The hydraulic system uses a two-way cartridge valve, which has the characteristics of small size, small flow resistance, good sealing performance, compact structure, stable operation, and long service life. The key to metal forming briquettes is to have enough external force, and this hydraulic system can provide sufficient pressure. Compressing loose metal shavings into metal blocks with a density greater than 5.5 kg per cubic.

Application scope of metal scrap recycling machine

Metal chip briquetting machine is mainly used for cold pressing powdery, granular, small flake copper chips, iron chips, aluminum chips, alloy powder, stainless steel chip, iron ore powder, magnesium powder, copper powder and other metal chips Into a 3-5 kg cylindrical cake. It can also be used for pressing non-metal materials such as coke and slag powder.

metal chips - metal briquetting
metal chips – metal briquetting

How does a metal briquette machine work?

First, put the loose material into the storage bin at the back of the machine. The material in the storage bin enters the forming mold of the machine. The hydraulic rod directly above the machine keeps dropping, and the loose material is compressed into a compact high-density material blocks. The working efficiency of this machine is very high, it can produce 4-5 pieces in one minute. The machine adopts PLC program for automatic control, which can realize fully automatic continuous production.

Maintenance of this machine

1. Regularly clean the oil tank and oil pipe of the machine to prevent iron filings and dust from entering the hydraulic system to affect the performance of the equipment.

2. Avoid overloading the machine. If there is an abnormal sound, stop working immediately.

3. Add hydraulic oil regularly, the liquid level must not be lower than the oil level of the oil tank.

4. Place the machine in a dry place and regularly check whether the screws on the machine are loose and whether the lubrication is good.


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