In summer, the normal temperature of hydraulic oil should be controlled below 60 degrees Celsius. As the temperature gradually increases, the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic metal baler will also increase. When the temperature reaches 80 degrees or more, due to the difference in thermal expansion coefficient, the oil temperature in the hydraulic components will change abnormally, and the relative spacing and movement between the working components will also be different. When the oil temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the viscosity of the oil decreases, leakage increases, the sliding part of the oil film is damaged, the wear of hydraulic components increases, and the temperature rise speed increases.

Aluminum can press machine
Aluminum can press machine

The temperature rise of hydraulic oil is affected by many reasons. It is found that when the oil temperature of hydraulic machinery rises, users can find the following reasons:

  • Heat dissipation of metal baler is poor. Excessive dust accumulation on the outside of the radiator will cause the fuel tank to heat up, poor ventilation, and excessive oil temperature; if the liquid level is too low, the circulating oil system is not feasible, resulting in excessive system temperature.
  • The parts of the metal baler are worn out. Once the hydraulic components are worn, internal leakage will increase, and then the temperature will increase, and the oil viscosity will decrease, leading to a further increase in internal leakage, which will further increase the oil temperature and form a vicious circle.The
  • The metal baler pressure is not suitable. If the pressure relief valve is adjusted too high, the overflow pressure cannot be reduced normally, which causes the internal leakage to increase and the temperature rises.
  • Selection of hydraulic oil is wrong. Improper selection of hydraulic oil brand will threaten the normal operation of the hydraulic system.