Scrap metal baler for recycling plant

Scrap metal baler is mainly used in scrap metal recycling plants, automobile dismantling plants, etc. The price of metal baler increases with the pressing force of the machine.

Application range of waste metal baler

This machine has a wide range of applications and can be used to process a variety of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. For example, iron sheets, iron buckets, stainless steel guardrails, brass, aluminum cans, disassembled cars, aluminum sheets, paint iron buckets, etc. For oversized materials, it can be cut before being put into the baler for compression, which greatly saves storage space and transportation space.

Forklift is putting material into a scrap metal briquette machine
the forklift is putting material into a scrap metal briquette machine

Use of metal baler

This machine can press various waste metal scraps, bicycle frames, paint buckets, Coca-Cola cans, aluminum shavings into the hexagonal prism, cylindrical, rectangular parallelepiped, cube, octagonal prism, and other shapes.

Characteristics of scrap metal baler

1. Use the hydraulic transmission system. The machine runs smoothly and has low noise during work to ensure a good production environment.

2. Wide application. It can be used to process multiple materials and compress multiple materials into metal blocks of different shapes.

3. Wide selection. The pressure range of the machine is between 80-400 tons, there is always a machine to match your production needs. Of course, we also provide machines with pressure over 400 tons, if you need, you can customize them.

4. Save space. Compressing a large piece of metal into a denser piece of metal can save space and, in a sense, also save costs.

5. Easy installation. After the machine is assembled, it only needs to be placed on a flat floor, and no other installation is required.

Prospects of scrap metal baler

In recent years, some countries have banned the import of ferrous metals from other countries.

What is the reason?

1. Non-renewable resources. Metal mineral resources are non-renewable resources and will only be used less and less. In order to ensure that resources are fully utilized, this policy is set.

2. The state attaches great importance to the recycling of metal resources. Under the premise of limited resources, prohibiting the import of metals from other countries, the available resources are bound to decrease. To fill this gap, we can recycle metals for reuse. The promulgation of this policy has brought benefits to the metal recycling industry.

Impact on the metal recycling industry

It can be seen that the prospect of the metal recycling industry is very broad, not only conducive to environmental protection but also save resources.

Reasons for the temperature rise in the use of the scrap metal baler

The temperature rise of hydraulic oil is affected by many reasons. It is found that when the oil temperature of hydraulic machinery rises, users can find the following reasons. Such as the heat dissipation of metal baler is poor.

Which industry needs metal baler?

With the development of industry,scrap metal baler has become more and more popular by many trades, such as the metal recycling industry and scrap car recycling industry.

What factors affect the quality of the metal baler?

Before buying a metal baler, we will know which manufacturers produce and which manufacturers have better quality. We will make a comparison to find the most cost-effective equipment. Then, from which aspects should we judge the quality of the metal baler?

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