A beef bone shredder is a machine used to crush animal bones. Beef bones are relatively hard, and many meat machines are difficult to handle. Beef bone crushers can crush beef bones without affecting machine knives.

Bone shredder knife
bone shredder knife

Functions of beef bone-crushing shredder

The beef bone-crushing shredder is a double-shaft grinder, which can crush beef bones, pig bones, sheep bones, chicken bones, and whole fish. In addition, the bone shredder can handle both frozen and fresh bones.

Application field of beef bone-crushing shredder

Bone-crushing shredder
bone-crushing shredder

There are many models of this shredder, sl-400, sl-800, sl-1000, and other models, this shredder can also be used to shred tires and scrap metal, wooden pallets, etc., to process different products, we will formulate different machine plans according to different materials. The beef bone crusher only needs to be equipped with the smallest type of shredder for processing.

Using the bone crusher case

In February 2023, we exported a beef bone-crushing shredder to Cambodia. The customer bought this shredder, especially for bone crushing. After receiving the machine, after a period of testing, he found that the efficiency of this machine is very high. Three times the speed of the previous bone crusher. Moreover, this bone grinder will not freeze, and it is very smooth to use.