Before buying a metal baler, we will know which manufacturers produce and which manufacturers have better quality. We will make a comparison to find the most cost-effective equipment. Then, from which aspects should we judge the quality of the metal baler?

  • The quality of the cabinet has a great influence on the equipment. The metal packing case body is welded by steel plates. The thickness of the steel plate determines the stability and safety of the metal baler during operation.
  • The impact of the oil cylinder on the quality of the equipment is also obvious. The oil cylinder can convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and pack scrap metal into blocks. It is an important part of the metal baler. The selection of raw materials and processing technology of the oil cylinder affect the quality of the oil cylinder, and the choice of oil seal also affects the overall quality of the equipment.
  • The influence of hydraulic pump station on equipment quality is unmissable. The hydraulic pump station can provide continuous power for the metal baler. It is composed of electric motors, hydraulic pumps, fuel tanks, cooling systems, filtering systems, etc. Any damage to any component or substandard quality will affect the operation of the equipment.