The metal baler can press all kinds of waste metal raw materials into a uniform specification by a hydraulic press, which is very convenient for transportation and storage. It can greatly reduce transportation costs and also greatly help the subsequent smelting process.

Classification of the metal baler

Metal balers are generally divided into vertical and horizontal types. Vertical balers are widely used. This type of machine has a large output and a wide range of applications. It is a relatively common baler.

Due to the influence of the structure and the sealing gravity of the horizontal baler, the pressure of the baler increases a lot. If the seal is not good, it will easily cause damage to the weak parts, and the use cost is greatly increased. So pay special attention when buying machines.

Vertical matel press machine
Vertical Metal Press Machine

Metal baler equipment generally consists of the following components

First, the hydraulic press

The hydraulic press consists of a motor, a hydraulic pump, a pump protection device, a professional control valve block, and a piping system connected to the press. The hydraulic press is designed scientifically and its quality is stable and reliable. In actual applications, the oil temperature is prone to be too high, so this part is equipped with a cooling system to prevent damage due to high temperatures.

Second, the packer host

This part consists of a frame, a main hydraulic cylinder, a pushing hydraulic cylinder, a bottom hydraulic cylinder, a supporting mold frame, a mold, and an indenter.

The frame is made of uprights. The material of the upper and lower beams is made of integral cast steel, and the structure is connected by four columns of internal and external nuts to increase the strength and prevent the excessive tensile force during work from breaking. The main machine of the baler uses high-quality materials to avoid equipment damage due to fragile materials. Greatly improved equipment life and safety performance.

  • The structure of the main unit uses a scientific design to ensure that the mold frame, mold, and indenter are matched, the processing capacity is greatly improved, and the excellent quality of the equipment is guaranteed.
  • The die and punch of the press are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel, which can be quickly replaced even if damaged.
  • The punch is equipped with a wear-resistant punching ring, which is easy to remove and install at the front end of the punch, which can greatly improve the service life of the punch.
  • Related parts are also specially hardened or forged.
Finish product of the scrap metal press machine
Finish Product Of The Scrap Metal Press Machine

Third, the equipment console

That part is included the electrical system and PLC control system.

The metal baler console has an adjustable text display. Sequence and action time operations are completely controlled by the PLC system. It is convenient for the operator to make adjustments at any time, and the control system is very easy to learn.