Gantry Shear is large-scale equipment, which is mainly suitable for cutting large metal products such as disassembled car shells and guard rails. Generally speaking, the purchase rate of large equipment is lower than that of small equipment. For example, sales of gantry shears are not as high as sales of alligator shears.

Market share is an important concept in corporate strategic management and marketing. It is defined as the proportion or percentage of a certain company’s product or a certain product in the sales of similar products at a certain time. It largely reflects the competitive position and profitability of an enterprise. It is an indicator that enterprises attach great importance to. Market share has two characteristics: quantity and quality. What is the national market share of the Shuliy metal cutting machine in 2019? At present, the domestic market share of Shuliy gantry shear is as high as 37%. Due to the special situation abroad, it is difficult to count, so we do not know the foreign market share.

Shuliy gantry shear not only has a good domestic market share but also large gantry cutting machines have entered the international market. Customers are very satisfied with the metal cutting effect. Shuliy metal shearing machine has an excellent shearing system, which can cut scrap metal buckets, metal steel frames, disassembled car shells, round steel, angle steel, large metal frames, scrap metal machinery and so on, so that scrap metal can be transported. The process becomes simple.

Car body cutting machine
Car Body Cutting Machine

Features of the metal cutting machine


1. The equipment has a strong shearing force, a good shearing force for thick steel scrap, and the sheared material is easy to store. In addition, materials can also be added during the cutting process of the equipment, which improves the working efficiency of the machine

2. The opening area of the bin is large, and the entire scrap car can be put into the bin at one time. It is suitable for mechanical feeding, especially suitable for light and thin scrap steel and steel structural parts, and is especially suitable for cutting steel and channel steel.

3. It adopts an on-screen display control panel, automatic integrated control, stable and reliable operation. It can start and stop at any position, easy to achieve overload protection. The optional wireless remote control device, single-person control of production line supporting equipment, saving labor costs.

4. Using a reliable high flow valve control logic, separate filter, and cooling system, the system can ensure efficient and reliable operation. The comprehensive application of constant power variable and differential fast technology, while ensuring the output, plays an energy-saving effect.