Are copper scraps worth recycling?

At present, the rising price of copper raw materials has raised the cost of precision parts processing, making both enterprises and the market suffer, in order to reduce costs, many enterprises focus on the recycling of copper scrap. How to recycle copper scrap, which occupies about one-third of the raw material volume? Is the recovery value high? Are copper scraps worth recycling?

Aluminum Chip Briquette
Aluminum Chip Briquette

The value of copper scrap recycling

copper scrap recycling
copper scrap recycling

Copper scrap is the metal trimmings produced in the heavy machining process, which is more productive and high quality, making the recovery process easier and better in terms of copper metal quality than extracting it from ore. These copper scraps can be collected and used directly for smelting back to the furnace to make recycled copper that can be used in production, and copper scraps recycling are a very profitable industry

Metal briquetting machine helps copper recovery

However, to enhance the recovery rate of copper, copper chips also need to be compressed and processed, which requires our copper chip briquetting machine. This equipment is used to compress the copper chips containing cutting fluid into a cake of about 90mm after high-pressure cold pressing treatment without adding any additives, and at the same time separating the waste fluid in it to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

Advantages of copper scrap recycling after briquetting

copper scrap recycling
copper scrap recycling

The compressed copper pieces are not easy to be loosened, which can reduce the loss during transportation and stacking. The high-density copper cake can reduce the number of feeding in the melting process and improve the furnace rate. The cutting and extrusion separation rate is high, and the water content of copper chips is controlled by 5%, which reduces the black smoke in the melting process, reduces the emission of CO2 and harmful emissions, and is conducive to environmental protection. Shuli metal briquette machine adopts a PLC intelligent control system to support fully automatic operation, which can monitor the equipment status and real-time tuning and reduce the manual intensity and labor cost. The equipment can be equipped with supporting equipment such as an elevator, conveyor, crusher, silo, waste liquid collection box, etc. to meet different processing needs, helping to solve metal scrap pollution and improve recycling value.

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