Gantry shears and alligator shears can be used to cut scrap steel and scrap iron in the metal recycling industry. These two tools are very useful, and they can be used in many places. Although gantry shear and alligator shear have similar functions, there are still some differences between them. So, what are the basic differences between the gantry cutting machine and alligator cutting machines?

Introduction of the gantry shear

Gantry Shear is a kind of equipment similar to a trowel. Generally, the material box is more than 6-7 meters. A large grab machine or a suction cup is needed to load the scrap metal into the material box. There is a hydraulic pushing device or a conveyor belt behind the machine, which can push the scrap metal forward under the cutting edge for pressing and cutting. The length of cut scrap can be controlled automatically by computer.

Gantry shear
Gantry Shear

Introduction of the alligator shear

The crocodile shears are small equipment, suitable for self-employed, small scrap metal recycling stations, the amount of shear is not large. It can be operated manually or automatically, with free choice, low investment cost, and low risk.

The respective advantages and disadvantages of the two machines

Gantry shears are large in size, suitable for large scrap recycling stations, with high work efficiency and a large amount of scrap steel. The daily output ranges from 30 to 90 tons (the output and efficiency of different types of gantry shears are also different).

The alligator cutting shears are similar to household scissors. The general cutting edges are 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm. They are suitable for small and medium-sized scrap processing and recycling points.

The advantages of alligator shears are low in price, small in investment, small in area, and they can meet the needs of individual households and small scrap metal recycling stations for processing steel.

The gantry shear cuts a relatively large amount of material.

Compared with gantry shears, alligator shears are inefficient, but they are still very valuable for small and medium-sized scrap metal recycling stations. The price of the gantry cutting machine is slightly higher, the cutting effect is good, labor-saving, fully automatic operation. What’s more, it can be remote control or manual operation.

Summary of the advantages of two scrap metal shears

In short, different shearing machines are suitable for different scrap steel processing plants. You can choose more suitable equipment according to your needs.

Gantry scrap metal cutting machines are similar to trowels, while alligator shear are similar to household scissors. In terms of use, gantry shears are generally suitable for cutting larger materials. It is suitable for steelmaking plants, metal recycling and processing industries, non-ferrous metals, and ferrous smelting industries. In addition, it can cold cut various types of section steel, various metal plates, and scrap metal structural parts to the required size, saving transportation costs and improving smelting efficiency.

The crocodile shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling plants, smelting and casting industries, cold cutting of various shapes of steel and various metal structures, and processing into qualified charge.