Scrap metal shavings are produced during the metal-cutting process. These metal scraps have high utilization value, but metal scraps are not easy to store and transport. What is the processing method of metal shavings?

Processing scrap metal shavings machine
Processing Metal Shavings Machine

What are scrap metal shavings?

Scrap metal shavings
Scrap Metal Shavings

Aluminum shavings, iron shavings, copper shavings, and steel shavings are collectively referred to as metal shavings, which are waste materials generated during the processing and cutting of metal parts. These metal shavings are piled up and have great use value, but metal scraps are directly processed Storage of swarf is inconvenient and can be handled with a metal briquetting machine.

What is the solution for scrap metal shavings?

Metal briquetting machine
Metal Briquetting Machine

The metal waste cake press machine is to press all kinds of scrap metal waste into a cake shape, and the pressed metal cake is convenient for recycling again.

The metal cake press machine uses a hydraulic cylinder to compress the material, and the machine compresses the machine into a round cake through high pressure, effectively recycling metal waste.