Shuliy company exported wood pallet shredder to Belgium. This machine is also called a double-shaft shredder. It is a machine for shredding wood pallets, metal, tires, and other materials. It is large-scale environmental protection equipment. Some details for Belgian customers are below.

Wood pallet shredder
Wood Pallet Shredder

Belgian customer needs

A Belgian customer bought this machine for shredding light metal, wood boards, cartons, and iron bars. The customer has a lot of wooden pallets that need to be crushed, and also needs to crush some other materials, so he wants to find a comprehensive crusher. Our machine has strong applicability and can shred cardboard boxes as well as scrap metal, which is very in line with the requirements of Belgian customers.

Choosing the right model of wood pallet shredder

Wood pallet shredder
Wood Pallet Shredder

We sent the model parameter list of the machine to the Belgian customer, and the customer chose the 800 model machine. It belongs to the middle type of machine, and the 800 type machine can process 2-3t/h per hour. The production efficiency is very high, and the number of knives in the wood pallet shredder is 40.

ModelPower (kW)Output (t/h)Blades quantity (pcs)

Structure of wooden pallet shredder

Wood pallet shredder knife
Wood Pallet Shredder Knife

The wooden pallet is composed of a shell, a cutter, and a motor or a diesel engine. The important component of this shredder is the props, which are thick and hard. Therefore, most materials can be crushed, including hard metals such as some scrap car shells and oil drums. The wood pallet shredder is fed from the top, and the material comes out from the bottom after crushing.