Now we have entered the era of the circular economy. In many countries, the recycling of plastic bottles has been carried out by a very mature industry chain. By recycling plastic bottles, and then sorting, packaging, crushing, and other processing, plastic bottles can already be used for many products, on the road of plastic recycling, plastic packaging must be assisted by machines. How does the plastic bottle baler work?

Why do plastic bottles need to be packaged?

In the recycling of plastic bottles, they first need to recycle the plastic bottles together and then start packing after sorting. The weight of plastic is very light, but the volume of plastic bottles is huge. Complete transportation and processing. After being compressed by the plastic bottle baler, the volume will be greatly reduced. Easy to recycle.

Plastic bottle
Plastic Bottle

What can plastic bottles be processed?

Probably many friends think that the recycling of plastic bottles is simply cleaning, then sterilizing and reusing them. In fact, the recycling of plastic bottles is not like this at all. The processing and production of plastic bottles is already a very mature industry chain. Plastic bottles can be processed to produce packaging materials, daily necessities, industrial supplies, and household items. In more detail, red carpets, boxes, clothes can be processed.

Plastic bottle baler working principle

In the process of using the hydraulic baler, the work of the baler is operated through the hydraulic transmission system, and its main control element is the hydraulic device of the hydraulic baler. The hydraulic system converts the mechanical energy of the motive force into the pressure energy of the liquid through the power element hydraulic pump, which is equivalent to the heart of the hydraulic baler.

Then, through a series of actuators, the pressure energy of the liquid is efficiently converted into mechanical energy, which is used to drive the load to realize linear or rotary motion, thereby completing the power transmission. This hydraulic transmission system has a very wide range of applications in many industries. Therefore, hydraulic transmission has many advantages over other traditional forms: for example, hydraulic transmission can output a large thrust or torque. In this way, large tonnage movements at low speeds can be achieved. Other forms of transmission are not realistic for this kind of motion.

Plastic bottle baler
Plastic Bottle Baler

Advantages of hydraulic balers

Therefore, in the case of the same power, the advantages of using the hydraulic transmission system are that it is relatively small in size, light in weight, and compact in the structure of each part system of the equipment. There is an increasing need to achieve linear motion in mechanical equipment. But this requirement is very difficult for mechanical transmission or electric transmission. In hydraulic transmission, linear motion can be easily achieved with the help of hydraulic cylinders.

What can a plastic bottle baler pack?

The main function of the plastic flat baler is to use the hydraulic system of the machine to compress the volume of things that are easy to expand. There are many types of packaging that can be packaged, such as cans, old clothes, and cartons. In addition, there is also packaging for relatively hard scrap metal. Harder metal machines and metal shredders. If there is a machine that needs to be recycled, you can contact us.

Plastic bottle packaging
Plastic Bottle Packaging