The scrap iron baler can process all kinds of scrap metal materials into various shapes of metal blocks. It can not only solve the problem of difficult storage of scrap metal materials but also greatly improve the economic benefits of scrap metal.

Introduction of the scrap iron baler

At present, metal baler has become an indispensable machine in the scrap metal recycling industry. Scrap iron balers are generally used in the recycling processing industry and the metal smelting industry. This equipment can process some scrap metal materials, such as scrap scraps, scraps of iron and steel, scrap steel, scrap copper and aluminum, scrap aluminum scrap, scrap car shells and other scrap materials into uniform specifications, not only improves the utilization of scrap metal but also can increase objective economic benefits.

Let’s explain the working characteristics of metal balers for everyone

  • Use screws without foundation. The diesel engines can be used as a power source.
  • Using hydraulic mechanical transmission, the equipment working process is stable and reliable, and the safety risk is small.
  • There are four ways of unloading of the baler: side push unloading, flip unloading, push unloading or manual unloading.
  • The packing machine equipment is divided into two control methods: manual control or automatic control;

Since the use of scrap iron baler is so extensive and extremely convenient and efficient, what is the technological development trend of scrap iron baler equipment? The professional manufacturers of metal balers will explain it in detail for you.

The development trend of the scrap iron

  • First, the equipment will become more and more automatic and intelligent. In today’s era, the rapid development of technology provides complete basic conditions for the automation and intelligent technological breakthroughs of scrap iron balers. The equipment can not only process waste materials automatically, but also can detect and optimize the self-system, and can detect and handle faults in advance.
  • Second, the manufacturing process of the components of the baler has become more and more integrated, and the size standards of the components have become more and more uniform. Integrated production can reduce piping connections and prevent leaks. Uniform component size standards can greatly facilitate machine maintenance.
  • Third, the baler will become more efficient and energy-saving. Significantly improve the efficiency of baler work, while reducing costs;
  • Forth, the mechatronics of the system will be completed. The scrap iron baler will use advanced mechatronics technology to complete a more complete hydraulic system.