In recent years, with the development of the metal recycling industry, metal baler machines have become more and more popular. What are the characteristics of metal balers? Why is it so popular?

Metal balers are widely used in the metal recycling industry

The metal baler can extrude and pack various metal scraps, scrap steel, aluminum, copper, scrapped automobiles, stainless steel, etc., thereby saving transportation costs and facilitating utilization. Mainly used in steel mills, metal recycling industry, and non-ferrous metal smelting industry.

Metal baler
Metal Baler

Metal baler machines have distinct advantages

1. Simple operation

When the metal baler is operating, its operation method is also very simple. Even novices, as long as they have undergone simple training, can operate the metal baler, and the metal baler is fully automatic. The operation method is used to operate, and no manual operation is required.

2. Easy to move

The metal baler machine is relatively small in size, and it is also very convenient to move when moving. Enterprises can move the metal baler to a suitable location according to their own needs, and compared with other large-scale equipment, the metal baler will not waste a lot of manpower and cost when moving.

3. Cost saving

By using metal baler machines, the labor efficiency of enterprises can be improved, and metal balers are all produced by machinery and equipment instead of manual production, which can also reduce labor costs. So metal balers are becoming more and more popular.

Metal baler
Metal Baler

What should be paid attention to when using a baler

  • During use, if the temperature is not enough, adjust the temperature controller (the right hand but the temperature rises, the left hand can reduce the temperature).
  • Metal balers used daily must be thoroughly cleaned regularly. For metal balers that have not been used for a long time, they must be thoroughly cleaned after the last use.
  • When packing goods, the belt length adjuster on the panel must be adjusted according to the size of the goods.
  • The metal baler has an automatic shutdown device, and the shutdown time can be independently set.
Metal baler machines
Metal Baler Machines